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боковая загрузка упаковочного листа прилагается конверт

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С Resealable ПОЛОСЫ


1.плоский пакет конверт
2.используется для транспортировки, мимо на коробке
3. материал: ясно, ПП или ПЭ
5.все настроены печать

плоский пакет конверт, self-adhesive envelope, invoice envelope,

document envelope.packing list enclosed.

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The Packing List Envelope can be applied to in Transportations, Packages, Express Mail tocarry the Documents, Invoices, Airway B

Courier bag and packing waybill bag, box adhesive bag


Features and Specificatons:

1>материал: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, PP, и т.д. Strong self-adhesive, PP clear film.

2>usage: express delivery, post, packing waybill and paste it on carton box.

4>printing: 5 colors from clear to rainbow.

5>style: side and bottom sealed, peel off the back paper and paste on carton box.

Warm suggestion: Picture is just for reference.


Our advantages:

1>high quality and competitive price

2>international advanced production equipments. OEM service.

3>we are the top brand manufactures cooperators.

4>each inquiry for cargo shipment by ship and plane

5>kinds of raw material: PO,PE, OPP, PP, PVC, CPE, PO/PE and composite material, non-woven fabric materials, eco-friendly material.

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