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Packing List Envelopes
The packing list envelopes make it convenient to keep shipping lists from wet conditions, which also offer a simple way for recepients to see the information of each package clearly. In addition, these enclosed envelopes are of high-quality and make sure the packing list won't get lost through the transit process. As an experienced packing list envelopes manufacturer, FENGQI supplies shipping envelops with North America Standard Sizes, Europe Standard Sizes and Australia Standard sizes. Customized sizes and print are also available.
Tamper Evident Bags
Tamper evident bag makes sure the information security. Our tamper proof bags can minimize fraud and loss of cash transfer when they are used for banks and finance. Its safety features prevent your stuff from theft or alteration. FENGQI being a tamper proof bags supplier with years' experience supplies a variety of tamper proof bags, which are ideal for cash transit, food distribution, entrance examination, etc. You can choose the tamper resistant bag type that you need. We also provide customized service.
Tamper Evident Tape
Tamper evident tape offers a security seal for shipping packages. The security tape is durable enough and can't be teared off easily. If tamper evident tape is removed, it can transfer the words onto the sealed package. Therefore, it can not only protect your products, but also prevent tampering or theft. Zhanjiang Fengqi Plastic Product Co., Ltd. supplies high-quality tamper proof tape. We currently have blue and red color tamper evident security tapes to be chosen by customers. The characters/ logos on the tamper evident tape can be customized as well.
Poly Mailer Bags
Poly mailer bags offer a good choice for people to send items which don't fit the standard envelopes. With poly mailer bags, you don't need to bother yourself about using rigid boxes. The poly shipping bags are much more economical and efficient. Plastic poly mailers are ideal for shipping a various kinds of items. FENGQI supplies both common plain poly mailers and custom poly mailers and mailing bags.
Bubble Mailer
Shipping bubble mailers can be used to ship many different sizes of items, which are puncture-resistant to protect your items. FENGQI supplies high-quality water proof bubble wrap mailers. These padded bubble mailers can be ideal weather-proof protection for shipping items like books, jewelry, and other semi-fragile items. Besides, FENGQI produces eco friendly bubble mailers. All our shipping bubble mailers are made from 100% recycled content.

Our Company

  • FENGQI is a company which offers manufacturing, supplying and exporting of various plastic packaging material like packing list envelopesprinted bubble envelopes, and custom poly mailer bags, keeps packaging organized with products such as tamper resistant bags and Steb Bags

    With the efforts and rigorous inputs from the gurus who have devoted greatly to its growth, our company is increasingly stronger in this field. Our main goal is that we aim to provide the best solutions for the customers and our vision are to provide the best security packaging systems and to create new innovation.

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Plastic Packaging Material

  • Packing List Enclosed Envelope For North America Standard Sizes Packing List Enclosed Envelope For North America Standard Sizes

    These product enables to protect invoices and important shipping statistics from filth or moisture which are made of sturdy polypropylene(PP) in clear film. The pressure-sensitive adhesive can quickly adhere to paper, metal, wood, corrugated or plastic. Also, it can be used in any kind of container.

  • Self-adhesive Documents Enclosed Wallet For Europe Standard Sizes Self-adhesive Documents Enclosed Wallet For Europe Standard Sizes

    This self-adhesive documents enclosed wallet applies adhesives which can stick well to cardboard, plastic, wood, glass, and metal. Also, they can contain documents such as packing slips, invoices, etc. We use our self-adhesive pouches so when you check your package's contents, you don’t need to open it.

  • Invoice Enclosed Envelopes For Australia Standard Sizes Invoice Enclosed Envelopes For Australia Standard Sizes

    This invoice enclosed envelopes are made of sturdy polyethylene (PE) in clear and white film which are widely used in express/ logistics industry. They can help to protect sensitive Packing List Envelopes secure. Using the international advanced production equipment, they are pf high quality and competitive price.

  • Custom Packing List Envelopes Custom Packing List Envelopes

    These custom packing list envelopes can be greatly applied in express/ logistics industry. They can protect documents that are attached to the outside of shipment. We can offer customized sizes and designs service. The materials are sturdy polypropylene(PP) or polyethylene(PE)film.

  • 100% Paper Packing List Envelope 100% Paper Packing List Envelope

  • Coin Deposit Bags Coin Deposit Bags

    The materials are three layers of specially made coin-mixed film which is thick and strong enough to remove loose coins from washing machines, slot machines, etc. Our coin deposit bags were perfect for compatibility with all major manufacturers of coin sorting equipment.

  • Bank Deposit Bags Bank Deposit Bags

    The security bank stores bags are specially designed for different Banks, armored car companies, etc which can provide security to protect cash, checks.Also, our bank deposit bags help to protect from theft and show alterations. They are also good choices to store important documents.

  • Tamper Evident Cash Bags Tamper Evident Cash Bags

  • Standard STEBS Bags (In Stock) Standard STEBS Bags (In Stock)

    The material is LDPE /HDPE. It uses single handle which is designed for easier carry. And there are unique serial number and barcode which can be tracked or traced. What’s more, there are ICAO logo printed on the bag on every STEM.

  • Custom Duty free bag (ICAO) Custom Duty free bag (ICAO)

    The material is clear LDPE super strength polymers. The tape is custom tamper awareness levels range from 0 to 5.We use patented wide welding to prevent side cutting and resealing.

  • Medical Biohazard Specimen Bags Medical Biohazard Specimen Bags

    These biohazard bags are designed to protect and temporarily store patients' property. Multiple bag (MIL) thickness is applied. There are white writes notes and signs on the panel. It is water-resistant for transporting diagnostic specimens and biological elements.

  • 95kpa Biohazard Bags 95kpa Biohazard Bags

    The material is co-extrusion/ clear LDPE which is 100% recyclable and environment friendly . There are unique sequential numbering and barcodes on each bag. And there are white writes notes and signs on the panel. They are perfect to use as a secondary watertight receptacle.

  • PE/TYVEK Security Bags PE/TYVEK Security Bags

    These breathable protection bags are for regulation enforcement companies such as forensic, crime, police and jail inmates. There are lots of bar codes and serial numbers on the bags which are used for tracking and tracking. And there are dotted line at the bottom.

  • Tamper Proof Bags Tamper Proof Bags

  • Food Food

  • Confidential Documents Security Bags Confidential Documents Security Bags

    This confidential document security package is able to ensure the safety of the integrity of sensitive document. There are multiple bar codes and serial Numbers for tracking. Also, our bags have Level 4 Tamper evident closure.

  • Security Evidence Bags Security Evidence Bags

    Security bags and evidence bags are important for protecting any important profile, collecting and transporting various evidence and samples. Our bags are made to be used by police and forensic organizations.

  • Tamper Evident Void Tape Tamper Evident Void Tape

    Tamper evident void tape is designed to seal packaging of valuable items to avoid easy detection of theft and pilferage. The quality of our security void tape is good. It is not difficult to use by hand or in a dispenser.

  • Tamper Secruity Tape Tamper Secruity Tape

  • Tamper Evident Packaging Tape Tamper Evident Packaging Tape

  • Election Security Tamper Evident Bag Election Security Tamper Evident Bag

    Election Security Bags are designed to voting booths, polling location and poll workers to protecting election ballot, cards, data and supplies. Tear-proof polythene film is used which is transparent or opaque.

  • Examination Paper Security Seal Bags Examination Paper Security Seal Bags

    This security envelope is devised to make sure query papers and answer scripts can be complete during storage and transport to the Exam Hall. It is very easy to use. And serial number & bar code identification is applied.

  • Common Plain Poly Mailers Common Plain Poly Mailers

    The material is poly, co-extrueded multi layer polythene film. We use self-seal by permanent glue. The surface is water proof. It is ideal for ideal for post offices, courier& express companies, logistic, etc.

  • Custom Poly Mailers & Mailing Bags Custom Poly Mailers & Mailing Bags

    Our poly mailers are sturdy polyolefin mailers that shield your items from moisture during shipping. The thickness of 2.5 mil poly mailers is able to defend the contents. Our self-seal poly mailers is of great quality with a white exterior and silver lining.

  • Metallic Bubble Mailer Metallic Bubble Mailer

    The material is aluminum foil outer, bubble inside. The film thickness can be 2.35mil, 2.5mil, 2.6mil for optional. And we use hot melt adhesive to work as the glue. The size can custom.

  • Poly Bubble Mailers Poly Bubble Mailers

    The material is co-extruded multi-layer polythene film and barrier bubble. It is of high strength which use hot-melt adhesive closure to offer additional temperature resistance and assurance for transporting high value items.

  • Kraft Bubble Mailers Kraft Bubble Mailers

    The design of kraft paper shows high quality images and offers a good surface for custom printing. Our convenient self-sealing closure is able to save labor and decrease the need for staples and tape.